“When Mrs. Computer Becomes the Lawyer” by Francis Ohemeng Anane.

  It scares me to the bone to think how my sleepless nights reading the lengthy and boring pages of Tuffour v A.G may be in vain. To think how of little use Manso v Aboye will be when all the lands in Accra are computerized such that land guards and corrupt chiefs are unable […]

“Do refugee and migration law affect poverty and economic development? by Mawunya Etsa Kudu.”

The raging winds buffeted the rickety boat, as all the refugees huddled under thread bare blankets in a desperate attempt to keep warm. The rain began to fall steadily and the cold wind whipped their faces, searing their skins with uncommon fierceness. Their gaunt pale faces were absolute Picassos of misery while the chattering teeth sounded more like the gourd rattles they made merry with in the idyllic days before the civil war had ruined everything.

“To My Friend the Radical Feminist” by Abena A. Asomaning.

What if… what if I want to be dominated by that man? Not that I have been brainwashed or anything, just my own perverted desire. What if I want to wash and iron his clothes, because it gives me immense pleasure to do this? What if I want to make him dinner no matter how […]