“60 Years of Problem Finding” by Nuerkey Narh

The entire Ghanaian community, from its inception has re-echoed it’s underdevelopment to all and sundry, even to the unborn generations. Not to rub it in, but, we are all aware that we are far behind satisfactory standards when it comes to infrastructure, education, healthcare, the economy – safe to say, every  aspect of Ghanaian life. […]

LAW STUDENTS HAVE NO LIFE? by Prince Benson Mankotam

I thought after the confusion that lingered on my mind when I read “The Ghost Story”, the unforgettable sweating experience from not getting something as small as Marbury v Madison, and the KKK kind of assignment, the tough days in the law school were over. But I just met a sociology student who just added […]

SHOWER HEAD by Eunice Adofo

I cannot recollect the number of times I have found warmth in you… You understand my battles and you hear the echoes too The echoes in these walls where nothing ever happens Where hopes evaporate and happiness has fled And every day is a nasty war, bloodier than before. You have heard my chanting through […]