“What a Law Firm will look like in 2118” by Ama Boakyewaa Adjei (2nd Runner-up LSU Blog Legal Writing Competition)

We’re the Generation Z. We live in a tech-spurred, internet-saturated, media-savvy, never-more-sophisticated world. We have automation, and AI, and a Marvel’s-world kind of future to look up to. We’ve got to be ready. We’ll work in demanding, low-paying, labour-choked transactional law firms in 2020. We’ll be many and insignificant and dreaming the lives of our […]

“What a Law Firm will look like in 2118” by Abena Fosua Nyameye Korankye (Winner – LSU Blog Legal Writing Competition)

 Beyond Reasonable Doubt      With every step on the glass floors, my feet vibrated as colourful arrows were activated to lead me to the “mainstream consulting room”. Before I could catch my breath, its doors flung open. I could not help but notice the shiny electronic chair at the centre of the room. The arrows were […]

RE-“Showing of Election Petition Documentary- The Law on the Capacity of a Petitioner” by Jonathan Abotiwine Alua

This article is a response to the brilliant attempt of an exposition of the position of the law in relation to the capacity to challenge an election in Ghana. The present author appreciates the intellectual maneuver that was made in the original piece, in an attempt to clear the shroud. However, there are a few […]

“Re: Showing of Election Petition Documentary – The Law on the Capacity of a Petitioner” By Kwadwo Gyan

On 23rd March 2018, the students of the School of Law at University of Ghana were thrilled by the showing of a documentary, The Election Petition, produced by ace journalist Paul Adom-Otchere. At the interactive session, however, the producer made a representation on the capacity of a petitioner which I find inaccurate.  He suggested that […]