“When Mrs. Computer Becomes the Lawyer” by Francis Ohemeng Anane.

  It scares me to the bone to think how my sleepless nights reading the lengthy and boring pages of Tuffour v A.G may be in vain. To think how of little use Manso v Aboye will be when all the lands in Accra are computerized such that land guards and corrupt chiefs are unable […]

“To My Friend the Radical Feminist” by Abena A. Asomaning.

What if… what if I want to be dominated by that man? Not that I have been brainwashed or anything, just my own perverted desire. What if I want to wash and iron his clothes, because it gives me immense pleasure to do this? What if I want to make him dinner no matter how […]

“Precepts of Life: A Foolproof Antidote to Failure” by Prince Benson Mankotam.

PRECEPTS OF LIFE: A FOOLPROOF ANTIDOTE TO FAILURE What are your principles in life? Do you have any set standards to ensure your success as you plan or dream? These are just a few principles for your thought.   #1: Make haste but slowly. It is the desire of many young people to succeed as […]

“On Legalizing Cannabis” by Gregory Asiedu.

The drift from that first encounter with drugs to drug dependence is probably less swift than that from a first glass of beer to chronic alcoholism. Yet, alcohol is perfectly legal whereas restrictions are placed on the use of some drugs, of which cannabis is the chief culprit. Cannabis, otherwise referred to as hemp, is a […]

“Identity, Mereological Puzzles, and the Construction of Fundamental Legal Concepts” by Yafran Fodoye.

Legal discourse makes frequent references to “persons” and “property” with little more than technical jurisprudential squabbles about what these terms indicate or mean in esse. It is often enough to assume the common-sense definitions of these terms as the Kelsenian grundnorm of legal discussion.

“On Visiting Scholars and Ghana’s Mineral Revenue -Thoughts on My Long Essay” by Adzo Baku.

Four years into your study at the School of law, you look back and consider that the journey has indeed, never a day been easy. Many are pulling their weight to cross the finish line, and of course, to do so in grand style. You happen to be one of them, only that your story […]

“Reduced to a Body Part” by Abena A. Asomaning.

The university, generally speaking, being an institution of higher learning, is a delightful society to be part of given, its perks and promises: dynamism, acceptance, equal opportunities, maturity, refinement and fairness. It is thus quite upsetting when in a society that promises the above jollies, one is sourly made subject to barefaced discrimination and disrespect […]

”Red Means Stop” by Adelaide Asiedu.

The dress is red. Tight. Actually, it’s more than tight, its seams cling to my body. Its red and my brown could easily be the same fabric, but my brown is skin and the red is my dress. Somwhere in between my thigh and my knee, the red gives way once more to my brown.