12 MIDNIGHT BEFORE A LAW EXAM by Marian Smith-Mensah (Fourth Place in the Blog Writing Competition)

There is always anxiety and pressure before any examination. No one can or will ever say that the best times of the year are the few days before examination. However, the pressure before any examination cannot be compared to that of a law exam. The two or three days before a law exam are the most dreaded days for any law student in the numerous law schools. All law students will give similar testimonies about examination periods. The time that most law students dread the most is 12 midnight before a law exam.

Around 12 midnight before the exam, while friends and roommates who are non-law students have their eyes glued to a movie or are now returning from an outing, the law student will be stuck in a chair with different books on law scattered on the table in front of him or her. During this period, a bed will be a great enemy to the law student. He or she stays as far as possible from the bed and also tries to sit in a position that will not invite sleep, another enemy of progress.

Also, around 12 midnight before a law exam, the stomach of the law student becomes insensitive to hunger even after hours of no food. When a roommate offers food to the law student it is rejected because leaving the books to eat will be a waste of precious time. Every second around this time is so important to him or her. The only things that the law student puts into his stomach are uncountable cups of coffee to help him stay awake. An innocent cup of water will not even be needed.

Furthermore, silence becomes a best friend to the law student at this time of his life. Peace and quietness becomes so essential to him. Even the sound of a pin drop will not be tolerated during this time. If the room becomes an inconvenient place to learn due to noisy roommates, the law student then carries himself to the study room which although will not be as quiet as he needs, but will be better than being inside his room. The law student who is a non-resident of the school but lives at home also tries to get rid of the noise by wearing earplugs or shutting himself up in an empty room.

To sum it all up, the period around 12 midnight before a law exam will not be a good time to engage in a conversation with a law student. You will even be deterred from speaking to one when you see the miserable state he or she will be in. This is the period when the law student tries to make every word in his law book travel into his brain permanently. Some of them even wish they could open up their heads and put the books inside them. 12 midnight before a law exam, to the law student, feels like 10 minutes before the exam begins.