12 Midnight Before a Law Exam by Vanessa Zormelo (Fifth Place in the Blog Writing Competition)

Tick tock, tick tock, I hear the clock tick,

and in my mind’s eye, I see the sands of hope draining from the hourglass of time.

At this ungodly hour, law students try to race against the clock,

mindlessly flipping through pages and maniacally cramming principles out of sheer panic.

At the same time, I am filled with dread as I look at the time and realize that, –

It is 12 Midnight before a Law Exam!


12 Midnight is ‘the eleventh hour’, the fine line between night and day

And the thin line between hope and despair, success and failure.

At 12 Midnight before a law exam, there is no room for play!

It is at this hour that all the forces of darkness seem to work against a law student; –

Laziness dangles a bait of sleep before the student’s sleep-deprived eyes,

hoping that he “accepts its offer”, but a focused student will find that imprudent.


Before midnight, preparation for a law exam is likened to a fairytale:

Motivation to study is at its peak and by the wave of an imaginary magic wand,

Confusion vanishes into thin air and the study material, one seems to fully understand.

But as midnight draws nigh, exam pressure begins to mount and anxiety rears its ugly head!-

At the stroke of midnight, the illusion disappears and in its stead, reality makes its bed.

At this point, a law student should know whether he is going to pass or fail.


While students of “those other courses” sleep comfortably and snore,

Law students study tirelessly and burn the midnight oil.

For a law student, there is no end to reading, no end to her toil. –

Like a jealous lover, the Law is never satisfied, it is always asking for more.

During the night before a Law Exam, who has time for sleep when,

the branches of the Law transform into tentacles and pull us in different directions.


Dear Law student, “A stitch in time saves nine”!

Do not wait till the eleventh hour, do not let 12 Midnight before a Law Exam decide your fate.

Do not let, “it is better late than ever” become your mantra.

If you waste time, you cannot turn back the hands of time; it might be too late.

Do not procrastinate, your future is on the line!

Make it a habit to learn every day.