A GREEN VOW by Zainab Mustapha

  Dear Planet Earth,
I must confess I’ve been unfair.
You have been my home
For as long as I can remember
You are my source of food, shelter
And everything needed for my survival.
But for everything,
I return nothing
But harm.

I harm your trees,
Your pure air,
Your land,
Your seas,
Your creatures.

And all for what?
My selfish desires
Profit, transient pleasures.
And when I see the effects of my actions,
What do I do?
I pretend to care
by issuing a temporary band-aid.
to what I’m aware is an indelible wound
to your very core.

It’s a downright miracle,
That you haven’t crumbled
under my incessant grip of oppression.
Fortunately, that was enough to open my eyes
to the true error of my ways
To decide to at least try
to make beauty out of your ashes.
To decide,
Planet over Profit,
Planet over Plastic,
Planet for the Future.

Now, with the damage I’ve done,
There is certainly a long way to go,
but I believe you’re worth it.
And it is my solemn hope,
That after this revelation,

That I am not the only one.

Sincerely yours,