“Catharsis” by Jamal Al-Fiend.

Ever felt the angel of death whisper deep in your ear?

Well welcome to my every single day of the year

Never liked speaking but I learned to be social

Folks did a fine job, brought me up to be kosher

As a five-year-old had a lisp on his tongue

Did he have a care? No, my brother, there was none

Lil man now questioning all he believed in

Hate mailing God in church while pastor preaches.

Why, God, why him? he kept asking,

21 questions but still no answering,

Now he sunbathes in the dark for the light was lame

Jaywalking from now on, the paths look same

Dead to the conscious, contemplating the powers

Babbling out loud he leans against the towers

Last time  we spoke he hang with the snake

From the good ol’ wise tree, a bite is all it’s gon’ take.