“Checkmate” by Ama Boakyewaa Adjei

We are wholly taken – reason and sanity –

placed under leash in obscurity’s lair.  We are

wholly bound by the cords of vanity  and

forever thrust into deception’s fair.  Our

console now lays in the lies of everyday,  as

we live unabashed in unending masquerade.

Our souls demand ourselves without delay.

Our spirits, from strain, begin to fade.

Undying cupidity commands many a soul.

Crowns and stones are the gods we extol.  The

King flounders from the weight of his crown;  his

Queen, powerless, stares down at her gown;

Bishops spout lies in their honorary robes;

Pawns, vexed, demand answers to probes;  and

Knights betray loyalty in hopes of plunder,  so

the once mighty Castle falls asunder.

We have jumped into bed with deception’s consort

and have soiled our souls from this incestuous resort.

Beneath the contrived cloak of diplomacy,  we have

ceded our supremacy.  And now, Grandmaster looks

away in disgust;  Condemning His pieces to fate and

to rust.

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