Ezekiel 28:14 says that Satan was an anointed and ordained guardian cherub who was on the holy mount of God and walked among the fiery stones. Isaiah 14:11 even confirms the stories I used to hear as a child which I was once told were myths, that Satan was the Minister of Melodious Songs in Heaven. Unbelievable!! I am sure that you are wondering why I am quoting all these scriptures and not statutes and cases as a law student trying to prove his case. Even though I have no data to back my claim, it appears Africans are more likely to get convinced by the dictates of the Holy Books, so as a Christian, I opted to trace the origin of corruption from the Bible.

It appears to me very clearly that we trace the origin of corruption to its original source to bring to light the dangers that it brings and the need to conscientiously purge it from the system. The first question I asked myself was, why was such a beautiful and melodious singer/servant of God kicked out of the kingdom of God as described in Revelation 12:7–12? The summary says he was rebellious. But he was not alone! The only conclusion I could sensibly draw from this story is that Satan in his quest to ascend the throne of God, promised the angels with whom he fell from heaven that he will make them ministers and give them command over the resources in Heaven, an idea they gladly and ignorantly bought into! Satan bribed the angels to buy their allegiance (should I say the emphasis is mine?) This is where corruption started! This incident preceded the Eve-serpent-Adam story where Satan, upon all the disgrace, hardship and demotion, still continued his manoeuvres in the Garden of Eden. Satan has an insatiable appetite!!

Now try and situate this Biblical antecedent into our contemporary political atmosphere. You realise that corruption is not anything as mere as it is seen and tackled by the leaders of the country. Have you wondered why God did not merely take out the spirit of greed and rebellion from Satan though he had the power to do so? Satan was likely to be one of His favourite angels you know! There is an Akan adage that goes, ‘cut the head of the snake and the rest would be a mere rope’ but have you wondered why God did not only cast out of his kingdom only Satan but all the angels he had won to his side? These are some of the open secrets people have either refused to know of or are surprisingly oblivious of and this is consequently making our nation great and strong in CORRUPTION and its people bold to defend greed forever!!

Wake up, Ghana, wake up! Even God who had every power, still cast corrupt officials out of his sight and withdrew all their privileges and wealth! As poor as you are, you are still shielding those “Ambassadors of poverty: the corrupt masters of the economy who have their heads abroad and anus at home, patriots in reverse order, determined merchants of loots who boost the economy of their colonial order to impoverish brothers and sisters at home”[1]. Cast them out! Prosecute them!! I doubt so much that they are more special to you Ghana than Lucifer was to God’s kingdom!

Some came to us to tell us that greed is now a creed and that corruption has been institutionalized. So they reminded us about Ghana@50, they told us about the “Epistle” according to Esseku and the sale of state lands, that they were Angel Michaels of our time to fight Lucifer and his assigns. Yet they came to brand buses, made many summer Expeditions in Fords and V8s. Some also promised to buy us Trump towers though we have no money but now they plan rather to build an GHC800,000 worth website and GHC132,000 worth boreholes from which milk and honey will flow.

Take up your sword Ghana! Cast them out like God did in the beginning! For we sound like a broken record whenever we say corruption is a bane of progress. If you care to know, a bird that flies off the earth and lands on an anthill is still on the ground. Until and unless we make this fight as urgent and necessary as was considered in Heaven, Ghana can never be the El Dorado we wish it to be. When the roots of a tree begin to decay, it spreads death to the branches. Fight it hard now or it totally gets out of control. I know one key strategy of development is lesson drawing. This time I am neither suggesting to you Germany for it is not about energy, nor USA because it is not about democracy, nor China for it is not about technology but I am suggesting to you the plot of Lucifer to overthrow God in the Bible as the beginning of Corruption. Draw lessons from how God and the Commander of His Armed Forces,  Major General Angel Michael dealt with Corruption and see if Ghana would be the same. I am not a spectator but a citizen!

[1] P. O. Umeh, Ambassadors of Poverty