A TREAT FOR MY TASTE BUDS by Maame Akua Koduah

Delightful smells

Wafting through the air

Heightening my sense of smell

Awakening my dormant taste buds

Silencing the thunder

In my stomach


A whiff of beef

Dances in the air

I can practically taste it

Tangy and spicy

Easing its way smoothly down my throat


I spy a plate of coconut rice

Smelling heavenly

Looking very tasty

Artistically garnished

Slices of tomatoes and onions

Dots of green peas

Carrots- bright bursts of orange

A colourful addition to the white


Alas, the time has come to be filled

My hands are poised

Ready to clutch the tools for the demolition


And then I behold

In all its glorious splendour

Fufu almighty

Resting majestically in the asanka


Ready I was to attack du riz

But upon seeing the snails

The fleshy tilapia

And big chunks of goat meat

Floating as if on a voyage

In the tasty looking light soup

My mind is more than made up

To consume this meal in its entirety


My hands are poised once more

Now the tools for the demolition

A sprinkle of soap

A dip in the basin of water

To cleanse them for the joy ahead

After all, mey3 Ghanaba


My mouth opens eagerly

Its gates opened hastily

To welcome the latest addition

A bite here, a sip there

My body, the happy recipient