DRIFTED APART by Maame Akua Koduah

We were like two peas in a pod

Seeing one without the other was for many very odd

We were practically inseparable

No other friendship comparable

A sentence started by me

Was ended by she

Secrets shared at the dead of night

Till the next day dawned sunny and bright


And then life happened

We were left saddened

School in the east for me

School in the west for she

Goodbye she waved

I hoped our friendship would be saved


Calls made every day

At seven pm prompt, no delay

I enjoyed our talks

As we reminisced about our evening walks

Later, calls to her went unanswered

I was busy, she countered

Messages sent to her with no reply

I was getting to them, she cried

I thought to myself, Oh well

At home, we’d have so much to tell


How wrong I had been

She was not to be seen

A knock at her gate

Alas I had come too late

She had gone out

And that was the beginning of my doubt

Calls to her brother

Talks with her mother

Countless messages sent to her phone

With no responses, leaving me feeling all alone


And then, I saw her…

Sporting casual wear

The world suddenly went still

I shouted her name with all of my will

She kept walking

I kept walking

Moving toward her

As if I were on a dare

Speak to me, I said

I smiled when she turned

Happy that somehow, I had been heard

But she looked at me as if I were dead

Could this be the end?

Were we no longer friends?


Many years have passed

And yet I still feel sad

Truly she had been unfair

Ignoring me without a care

With each new day, I remember our friendship a little bit more

My heart breaks again and again to the core

I utter a silent cry

My throat threatening not to remain dry

A few tears fall down my face

Oh how I wish I could go back to those carefree days!

Days filled with laughter and joy

Days when we had been happy and coy!