EMPTIED by Maame Akua Koduah

Sore, I feel sore

My head hurts

My legs hurt

Everywhere hurts


I scream

I cry

I plead

I shout

No one can hear me


I hit at him

My strength soon fails me

I cannot fight anymore

I’m trapped in my mind

Trying to think happy thoughts

Thoughts that never materialize


He is done


I hear his grunts of pleasure

The zipping of his trousers

The door slams

I’m all alone


The sheets become my source of refuge

I burrow deeper and deeper into them

I’m afraid to get up

Terrified of what I’ve become now


I feel empty

I feel used

I feel ashamed

I feel disgusted


It was a mistake

A great mistake

Downing all that alcohol

And now, this monster

Someone I called ‘friend’

Has had his way with me…!!

Does he think

Think for a moment

That he would get away with this??



But now, at this point

I am facing the music

I am miserable

Hollow inside

And enough

That I feel I can never be completely whole