“Halos and Horns” by Eunice Adofo

She is the two faced laughing jackal that haunts you in your dreams.

You see her everyday

Maybe not…

Her mournful wailing deafens your senses

And her agony is out of this realm.

She bleeds from the cuts of her own claws

And she feeds on the pain like a famished lioness with her kill in the Kalahari

She hungers for change that is not here

She hungers for a place that is not near.

Look how she wears her scars with grace

And plunges her horns back into her heart like a dagger.

She bleeds slowly not to her death

She bleeds slowly to her survival

With an uplifted face and uplifted hands

She is the silent one you never see in a crowd.


She is the aura and peace you pray for

Calm and collected like the still waters of the Nile

She is strangeness in perfection

And your direction in a thunderstorm

You can taste the light she radiates

And yet…her eyes are ripples of far away

 Her laughter feels like home and alone.

She is within your reach and never in your grip

She’s the white gazelle of the North.

You can’t put a finger to it can you?

She’s two opposites of everything

Her mystery is frightful and sickening

You see her wings

You see her halo….

Resting on her horns….

Who is she?