How to Cry by Sedinam Botwe

Chapter One

My entire face is confused. Not in the conventional sense confused. My face is contorting itself into funny expressions out of ignorance on how best to appear and partly from fear of anyone else finding out that little pools of saline liquid have formed right beneath the dam of skin covering the bottom part of my eyes. These little pools are now threatening to burst the dam any moment from now.

The dam seems resilient. It refuses to yield, being the brave young soldier skilled in this act of internal conflict. The upper eyelids have heard the call for reinforcement and begin to rapidly and intermittently cover these spheres called eyes.

Even the centrally positioned neighbour on the fence begins to give in to the cries of the saline liquid, forcing me to start to start sniffling.

I am struggling. I am struggling to remain in my seat. My face has assumed a mind of its own, twitching and trying to decipher what exactly to do. If I were alone, I would simply end this war and allow the dams to be breached. That would give me so much relief. Unfortunately, I am seated in this library that I have come to love so much, watching the Law of Contract bookshelf right in front of me.

The dams seem to be getting weaker and weaker with every minute. I pick up my phone, tap on the Music icon and scroll to D. My eyes finally light on the song I’m looking for and I insert the earphones into my ear with some urgency.

“Just hold on, we’re going home,” Drake‘s sultry voice croons into my ears and suddenly, things don’t seem so bad anymore.