LAW STUDENTS HAVE NO LIFE? by Prince Benson Mankotam

I thought after the confusion that lingered on my mind when I read “The Ghost Story”, the unforgettable sweating experience from not getting something as small as Marbury v Madison, and the KKK kind of assignment, the tough days in the law school were over. But I just met a sociology student who just added another “problem” that being a law student comes with: LAW STUDENTS HAVE NO LIFE. What!! What is life to this guy? Is he “bewitched” as Dr. Atupare puts it? My eyes “changed”! I decided to find out why he thinks so though the burden of proof lies on me not.

I met this girl and I said, “Hey, it has been long I saw you here.” She laughed and replied, “Now, I have become a protected good. You need to follow Section 9 of Act 137 to retrieve me.” Ah!!

I told a friend this story to make him laugh but he wasn’t tickled. His face was full of emotions and I got curious. He told me he had been chasing this law student for months but when he wanted to discuss love, this girl said, “Joe, I forgot you’re at Makola. Can you explain section 13 of Act 137 to me?” So this girl has been legally proverbial “since the 80s”. Amazing! So I asked him whether he has forgotten that he once told the girl he rolls with only persons who are compos mentis? The look on his face told me what he thinks of me: madman!!

But my classmates appeared to prove the sociology guy right when the Zimbabwean change of government happened. Immediately the news item was put on our page, though with an expectation of seeing some politically sane arguments, I was convinced that someone would respond “legally”. Lo and behold, I predicted with the exactitude of a Jewish prophet! One guy appeared to be typing and “ei Kelsen’s theory”, his comment was. Unbelievable!

I did not blame myself much when I also tried linking President Akufo-Addo’s comment on homosexuality to the Historical School of Jurisprudence. Is it my fault? Even Prof. Atuguba referred to the end of semester party as INTERNAL CONFLICT OF LAWS. Can you imagine!

So is this why this socio-guy thinks we do not have any life? What is more beautiful than this life? A life that can be easily relatable, a life that wins you more respect than you think you deserve even in the elite circle of professionals (some have not even finished Constitutional law but people who owe them money run to come settle their debts upon hearing that “he is a lawyer”) and a life that compels you to read and read without getting bored due to the excitement reading law brings. You can hardly tell me about any other life that is more intellectually rewarding on this planet than what we have as students of law. Maybe those outside it see it as boring but if the Nyameneba effect has not been declared as controlling you as a law student, you would appreciate that we have a life, a beautiful one!! If you do not understand go and read Sallah v Attorney-General. Lol!

One thought on “LAW STUDENTS HAVE NO LIFE? by Prince Benson Mankotam

  • Well written, it captures precisely the LIFE of almost all students of law i.e. the periodic confusions, no time to indulge in frivolities(hence, no life! Ha!), unexpected but deep utterances forcing the addressee to THINK!
    So, if our little socio-guy thinks that’s no life, then we don’t want to live !

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