MISSING PIECE by Maame Akua Koduah

Her smile radiated as brightly as the sun

Exposing her beautifully kept teeth which glimmered and gleamed

In the soft glow of the moonlight

I responded with a smile to match hers

Waving in response to the goodbye she said

Laughing at her antics before she closed her door


Then came the shock of my life the next day

Her body found, hanging from a ceiling fan

My head reeled with pain

I suddenly felt woozy

How could this be?

When I had seen her just yesterday


Dressed in black I came

To bid her a final farewell

Sucking in a deep breath, I walked to the box

The box that would hold her for eternity

Desperately wishing and praying that this was all a dream

It couldn’t be her

It shouldn’t have been her

And yet it was she


She was so beautiful

So very dead but yet so lovely even in death

Filled with so much promise

Never again to be unleashed

All dreams, aspirations and future generations

Wiped out in a fatal and irreversible decision she made


Tears stream down my face uncontrollably

Not ordinary tears but tears of blood

And yet, she lies there as unmoving as ever

Her mum looking at her with love, grief and pain

For the dust of her womb taken away forever

Her father stroking her mother gently

Looking ashen and pale

So different from his usual sunny self


My heart feels as though it has been ripped in two

As I watch that hateful box

Lowered six feet into the soil

Never to be seen again

The soil thrown over her as if she had never been

With every thud of soil on the box

I feel a piece of me go missing

A piece that can and never will be replaced