SHOWER HEAD by Eunice Adofo

I cannot recollect the number of times I have found warmth in you…

You understand my battles and you hear the echoes too

The echoes in these walls where nothing ever happens

Where hopes evaporate and happiness has fled

And every day is a nasty war, bloodier than before.

You have heard my chanting through the night

Praying and crying for redemption from life’s sinking sands

I find no peace here, I find myself in pieces here.


So I run to you for comfort

Alas I am weary and the tissues of my heart are worn out

Worn out from the journeys they wished I had traveled

in pursuit of love and the luxuries of life.

Reignite my passion to live on without fainting

Maybe I aimed too high.  Maybe I deserve the low


I like how your waters burn my skin

My skin reddens as I groan in pain

But I crave your touch…It is the only reality I understand.

Maybe happiness is not for everyone….

I learn this every day.