Spewing Forth Death by Maame Akua Koduah

They burst forth

As if breaking free

From the chains of bondage

Holding them bound

Dancing in the wind

As they moved stealthily

Across the short distance separating us

I watched


As he clutched his chest

His eyeballs growing wider by the second

And collapsed in a heap

At my feet

It had happened yet again

I had killed my brother

My family

My blood

Not with my hands

But with my words


I couldn’t keep my mouth shut

My words wouldn’t remain trapped

She had dared to contradict me

I boiled with rage

A tirade of insults came gushing out

Like water pushing its way through a broken dam

I watched her

As they sprinted into her ears and mind

Running as if to win the hundred meter race

Turning into burning fire

Licking her hair

And moving down her body

Till all that was left were ashes

The only remains of my best friend

I had killed once more

Not with my hands…

But with my words



His handsome face contorted

As I handed him a death sentence


Became a long knife wound on his hand


Turned into a gaping knife wound on his neck

Blood oozing out

Till he fell prostrate at my feet

Yes he- the one who had loved me

I had killed yet again!

Not with my hands…

But with my words


Alas, I could not help myself

I wish I could help stop

Only time would tell

Needles pricked her flesh

My hateful words piercing through her delicate skin

Leaving one to wonder

Whether at this juncture

I was doing acupuncture

Her body went rigid

Eyes wide open in an eternal glassy stare

Giving me an accusing glare

A cousin turned sister gone forever

After that dose of poisonous words

The murderer in me had struck yet again

I had killed!

Not with my hands…

But with my words


Lives and love lost

By a treacherous part of me

It was time

Time to keep that part shut

For the better part

Time to bring forth only what would edify

And not what would destroy

Time to weigh the power of my tongue

Time to ensure that my words would build up

And break down no one

Not that man or woman

Not that boy or girl

The time to build up with words had come