Last night, I ensconced my soma in my divan
My whyfor? To anastomose as many lexemes as I could in a bid to beget a magna cum laude write-up for the University of Ghana Law Journal.
As I bestirred myself towards the germination of my write-up, my episteme wallowed in muddiness.
I scrupled; do I abnegate myself to the usual boondoggle of legal writers so I could sound sophisticated, or do I stick it out and employ my unexceptional diction?
After a bout of tittle-tattling to myself, I settled for the latter.
Oi! You’re still reading?
Welcome then! Pardon my gibberish!
I was merely sharing an experience I had with myself last night.
I wondered as I prepared to write a piece for the law journal which path to take in my diction;
The narrow path of a fortiori’s, wherefors and pari passu’s
Or the broad way of ordinary, plain English words!
Having spent over half an hour trying to figure out the proper use of the word ‘qua’ in translating a sentence, your guess is as good as mine – I slowly crawled back onto the broad path!
Be not deceived though! I have a few boondoggles of legal gobbledygook in my pocket in case I meet a colleague in court who says “Your Ornour, charge this maen!”