The First Step is Worth the Try by Melanie Mensah

There’s always a first time

You have to crawl first, attempt standing, fall a good number of times

And finally! You can walk!

“Good lawyers are not born. Good lawyers are made”,

Echoed the words of the learned Brobbey J.S.C. (as he then was)

Upon hearing this, I began to wonder

“Where was my training field? “

Of course, I knew how it all began.

On the screens, we saw the dream flashing at us consistently

“How I wish…..”


We certainly cannot wish our entire lives.

Maybe you should put that idea into motion.

Bring it to life

Let it walk, let it breathe, let it talk,

Most importantly, let it reflect your gift,

Let it radiate the beauty within you.

Don’t remain in the infant world

Constantly fantasizing about the picture within;

You’ve been sketching for too long

The time to complete the portrait is now.

Sometimes, the path to comfort is raw bitterness!

But get close to the fire,

There, you are forced to put on your cap full of innovation,

And the extraordinary becomes a lifestyle.

If there is no shawarma to gnash over,

Roasted cassava is not a bad idea

Sounds interesting? Definitely not!

But it cannot be perfect all day.


Your only way out is to take a step

Take that step that leads to your ultimate dream

Because when all is said and done,

You should make it work at any cost!