The Ideal Woman by Maame Akua Koduah

She is priceless

Her worth is above money, gold and jewels

Far above the transient things of this world

She shines, sparkles and gleams

More than the brightest pure cut gem you could ever find

She is ‘prize-less’

She is not a trophy meant to be displayed for people to touch and admire

Or a framed certificate occupying a place of fame on the wall

But she’s the redeemed of the Lord

Bought by the precious and unadulterated blood of the Lamb


She is beautiful

Her eyes are two beautiful pools of light

Sculpted and chiseled out of the finest clay containing no impurities

She is indeed God’s masterpiece

She is unique

She is her own prototype with no replicas

Made in the image of God, fearfully and wonderfully

Oh yes, she’sbeauty full’

It’s true that when she enters rooms and buildings

People are mesmerized by her

Not because of the symmetry of her facial features;

The perfectly aligned eyes, nose, ears and full lips

But because of the presence and glory of God

Which radiates and shines through her like the sun

Wherever she goes

After all charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting

But a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised


She is not swayed by any XY chromosomes 

With a body so well toned that lifting the heaviest of weights

Is as easy as ABC

Neither is she swayed by his sweet talking her

Words dripping with so much honey and sugar coated substances

That a dentist would make lots of money

Cleaning the teeth of the person that eats them

But she is moved by ‘Spirit talking’

The words of the Bible spoken with understanding and insight

She is the woman every man wants

But not just any man can get her

Because she is so lost in the things of the God

So enamored with Him

So enraptured by Him

So hidden under His wings

That the man who desires to have her as his own

Must play not hide and seek with her

But must seek God to find her

She is Intelligent…




A Lover of God!

She is ideal

She is God’s IDEAL woman!