Think twice, think thrice by Maame Akua Koduah

Think twice, think thrice

High heel clad foot

A pair of sunglasses

Perched demurely on her forehead

The latest Brazilian weave

Spotting a position of honor

On top of her head

And billowing in the breeze

She walks with her head held high

Knowing that she is the centre of attraction

She ignores anyone she deems

To be unworthy of her

Her skin made of iron

With a metallic box for a heart

You are a sight to behold

So what?

Dear lady, think twice

He knows he’s handsome

Spotting the latest haircut

With a golden plated Rolex watch

Practically every lady’s crush

A wink sent in one girl’s direction

Could cause her heart to palpitate for hours

A fad that can never fade away

Changing the lady he is with every day

A month if he so pleases

Oozing charm and grace wherever he goes

Knowing that he’s highly irresistible

Dear gentleman, think twice


Think twice, think thrice

It’s true that you’re beautiful

With a face moulded from the finest clay

And a body to die for

Remember life is worth more than

Having a select few

With designer clothes and shoes

They wouldn’t go on a death cruise with you

The men you treat as ATM machines

As merely living to do your bidding

Surely you must be kidding

One day you too would utter your final cry

Be a little pleasant and nice, just try!


Think twice, think thrice

It’s true that you’re handsome

With gorgeous eyes and a killer smile

Remember life is worth more than

Preying upon unsuspecting girls

Like a lion on an antelope

Laughing with your minions

About your latest conquests

Having no regard for

The feelings of those ladies

Thinking that after all, it’s not like you’re going to make babies

Just remember that your charm and glam

Would not save you from the ground

One day, you too would leave this earth

Change for the better, lest you waste your breath