Too late for accolades by Maame Akua Koduah

Too late for accolades

I was once like you

Living and breathing

Eating and sleeping

Till death called me

To a sleep from which I

Would never wake up

Luring me with a tune

So sweet and mesmerizing

That I had to follow her


I remember you

The many times you ignored me

The cloak of invisibility

You viewed me through

Now I’m gone

It hasn’t even been ling

And yet you pretend to be my best friend

Big fat tears falling down your cheeks

Hiccups interspersed with your speech

She was a great lady you preach

Fun and easy to be around

Lying because I’m six feet underground


I remember you

Always with your cronies

All you cared about was your trophies

Bullying was your pastime

Teasing mercilessly was your crime

How did you fit into that dress

With all that flesh?

You belted out loud

In front of a crowd

Who was he referring to?

It was me, not you

Now I’m gone

She was so sweet you say

Your face looking ashen and gray

Thinking because I’m no more

You can lie like never before


I remember you

Dancing with your friends

Always in the latest fashion trends

Gossiping about me

With those three under the mango tree

Wicked grins sent in my direction

Believing that they were the epitome of perfection

Now I’m gone

You’ve turned into the messenger of doom

Your face, a mask of gloom

She was such a gentle soul, you tell

It wasn’t in her to be cruel

Your acting so impeccable

It could have drawn a spectacle




Fun and easy to be around you say

And yet you ignored me

I was a sweet lady, you say

And yet you teased me

Such a gentle soul, you say

And yet you gossiped about me

My death was the unifying factor between you three

Singing my praises to the moon

When death called me too soon

Not one word of love when I was alive

It’s too late now

Too late for accolades