FAILED RESOLVE by James Quartey

Casting my mind back to resolutions made just before the start of the year make me cringe in shame. Several “I wills” have found their way down the sewer with many more to follow. Let’s not even bother ourselves with the “I will nots”. The least said about them, the better.

Any student of the “School of Life” will bear testament to life’s uncanny ability to aptly set in motion the precise set of events to mangle even the sturdiest of resolves.

Did the word “gym” find its way into that cultish list many of us seem to worship before the start of every year? Well, you only need to stare back at that pouch to know you failed.

For many of us, we swore with heavy shaking of fists never to indulge ourselves in the sordid arena of lust and worldly passion. Well, kudos to those still standing. It’s not easy. It has never been.

Badgered at all angles by a world that revels in serving bountiful doses of temptation on a silver platter, surely I’m not the only individual who after much resistance ends up dishing and splattering the goodies all over my face as if my very life depended on it.

Well, no matter how much I wail and flail my arms, the situation is what it is!

Nonetheless, what’s the point of shifting the blame?

Yes, the songs, the movies, the Internet, friends, and so many other factors may play a part in the decadence. In the end, the onus lies solely on us to sink our teeth into our cravings and bite.

I have been a victim. Have you?

Life’s road is bumpy. And the ability to live a chaste life devoid of the usual plummets takes no little amounts of sacrifices and strong-will. An “F” wouldn’t even do justice in summing up how many failures I’ve wallowed in.

“But we’re only human,” we usually cry in angst as if we’re the most helpless, pitiful creatures that ever existed. That isn’t true. And unless you discard that form of thinking, you’d be bound for as long as can be.

Not only are we – as humans – responsible for every action of ours, we also have an immense reservoir of power at our disposal to hold challenges by the scruff of the neck and trash them out of our lives.

The point is that we can win consistently if we so choose to. Yes, there’s a thin line between success and failure. And split-second decisions are all it takes to seal one’s fate.

The purpose of this write-up isn’t to tell you what to do to win consistently. It is to say to you that you have within yourself the ability to conquer your demons.

We’ve failed before. Every year, we fail. Thus, I think it’s rather safe to say we’ll continue to fail even in the future. But that is hardly relevant to how badly we want and are going to fight for freedom.

We’ll always find ourselves in the mix of struggles, but what’s the fun in giving up?

For many of us, our resolutions barely last three weeks into every New Year. However, that almost always never dissuades us from furiously scribbling new ones for the next year.

That, my friends, is the beauty of life.

Have your plans failed this year? Are two-thirds of your goals yet to be achieved? Are you embarrassed at how messy your life seems to be? Welcome to the world of the living!

Regardless of how many broken resolves stare us in the face, we need only to shake ourselves off and continue the fight.

Aren’t you tired of always having your back pinned against the wall? I know I am. In less than four months, the year will end. It isn’t too late to get back on track. If you’d also rather wait till the New Year to begin with a new set of resolves, by all means, do so. It’s a never-ending battle anyway. I’m all geared up for success. How about you?