First Runner Up of the Blog Writing competition: Keziah Engmann


“A C+?! That’s good!”

“You must be blessed to get an A in this faculty!”

These and many more graced your sophomore year

And you wondered if law school was for you

But surely you belong with the Brightest and Best

To have made it this far already

So young law student, if you have never heard it before,

Law School is for you

And if there’s any skill to bag as a law student,

Then its persistent determination


Lawyer, Lawyer Papa Bi!”

Enskinned as the fountain of wisdom at home and in school,

Your views are now markedly important

And although no one expects you to know it all,

The converse is true as well –

You are not expected to know nothing

So if there’s another recommended skill, it’s definitely

Learning to think quickly on your feet


Glanville Williams did not lie when he said:

“A good lawyer is not one who knows the law

But where to find the law

As you nurture your love-or rather tolerance- for the library

Be relentless in your study

Keeping in mind that:

What your client will have is a story

What you will have is the law

Then, future star, a core aspect of your training lies in

Gleaning the facts out of, andapplying the appropriate law to a story


You’ve probably realized by now the importance of branding

Premised on the fact that

You are being trained to stand in for others

So a good place to start

Would be learning to intercede

On behalf of your expectant clientele

The art of couching convincing arguments

All the while exuding confidence

In the strength of your argument – whatever it may be –

And so if there’s any skill you’ve missed out on

Be sure it’s not



Your interpersonal relationships are key

As you build a solid network

Because truly, no man is an island

Much less the lawyer-in-training

You are anything but terra nullus

For surely your clients will not emanate from above

They will queue with you in that restaurant, hospital

They will sit in that troski with you

They are waiting for you on social media

So if you have some free time on your hands

Create –or update- that social media account

And develop your social life!


Your study of the law is adorned with accolades

Leaving you feeling overly puffed-up

But your future self will be ungrateful

When you turn out as an unapproachable egoistic know-it-all

who really does not know it all-

And with no clients

To flaunt your lawyer-liness on

So dear upcoming legal luminary

As you journey on to impact the legal kingdom

I wish you travelling mercies

But, if there is one thing to kick out

It’s definitely Pride.