Heartless by Queensca Pamela Asare

The door banged, waking me up

The whispers and the hums

From the hollow bones of the dead

They travelled shuffling the sweet night melodies

And took over the night


As always, I expected

Deep cries of chicken as they’re torn apart

Roofs flying away in despair

Dishes clashing against each other

Scary winds swallowing the romantic air in their throbbing esophagus

Empty cars honking


But all was silent

Their footsteps weren’t crashing the wooden floor

Their breaths weren’t burning sheets of papers

Their fingernails weren’t grazing my flesh

I waited, and waited

My door flung open

Lost in their eyes was happiness

Replaced with sadness and bloody tears


One came close, I shivered so much

His bloody hand cupped my cheek, then came closer to my ear

With his breath so hot, he said

‘Dear, you have one life with that heart of yours

That heart that loves unconditionally and genuinely

That heart that is priceless

That heart full of loyalty

Don’t let it get the best of you

Don’t love too much, you’ll be disappointed

Just love…but don’t be foolish’

I just nodded

He said …SORRY

His sharp nails dug into my chest

I felt no pain

He brought out my heart, wobbling in his palms

He left, they left

They left me heartless

They left me heartless………