Icarus’s Ode by Selom Ayite

I’m trapped in a tower

With no bars and no walls

With no guards save two

And no lies save one

Wilful prisoner number 48m

Waiting in vain for my 49th demise

Hurrying in despair towards my 50th awakening

Aphrodite is my liege

I am sworn to her

And she unto me

The simple promise?

To serve wholly at her altar

Until my death or hers release me

Honour and virtue was the key

True to this I remained

Till I peered over sea

And Venus beseeched me

For man’s curse is adventure

And the sailor’s place is the sea

She preached a pious sermon

But danced to sacrilegious murmurs

So I stole the tears of my lover

Candle wax for my wings

Escaping the ties of my ring

As I soar towards my doom

Basking in the glorious rays of infidelity

I know I am destined to fail

Just like my ancestor before me

The coup de grâce beckons

Icarus, oh Icarus

I understand now

Life is only deaths adventure

At least I got to choose