If there’s anything I’ve learnt about life this month, it is that no one is invisible.

I usually walked through life feeling and thinking the worst of myself and life.

I never felt pretty, or noticed or worthy. I usually compared myself to other girls and noticed how pretty they were. I noticed how smart they were and generally the good in everyone but myself.

The truth is each and every one of us is beautiful in our own way. Each and every one of us is smart. You’d only be doing yourself a favour if you develop an attitude of gratitude and see the best in yourself too. Truth is, just like everyone else, you’re beautiful too and someone is mesmerized by your beauty and someone just wants a smile from you or a hi.

You don’t have to look down upon yourself, because you’re awesome. When your emotions threaten to drown you, let them out and straighten your shoulders.

Whenever you feel unworthy and unloved, count your blessings. Recognize the grace of God upon your life, think about the sacrifices your parents or guardians make for you, think about the few people you call friends, even if it is just one person, think about the opportunity given you to be in law school. Think about everything and anything good. Think about your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your crush. Keep the fire of hope forever blazing.

Be optimistic!

This may sound cliché because you have read similar articles but this is different because it’s coming from someone who can relate to this feeling on a personal level. Someone you might have ever thought of, if even for a millisecond, as pretty.

And my paranoid self thinks this article isn’t worth reading but I just want to say to someone out there that you are pretty, you’re smart and that doesn’t depend on your CGPA. Just see the best in yourself, be consistent in your studies, and don’t give up on your dreams. Work towards them, each step at a time and you’d get there.

‘If you compare your success to another person’s success, you will never be truly successful’- Melanie Addison.