An indistinguishable line between right and wrong

The distance merely two finger-breadths away

The moral cup is both half full and half empty

The two forming an upsetting symmetry

A concept that many mold from experience

Or simply copy from a confused society

If morality is a myth then who is truly in control?

How easily we stow away this moral compass

For money, fame, and other transient pleasures

There is no law to the criminal who is never caught

Who modifies moral ethics to suit her greatest vices

We transgress in utter tranquility

And resound with a blatant ruckus at the faults of others

If morality is a myth, can there then be law?

What is shame to the shameless, or loss to him with nothing left to lose?

What is law to the lawless, or murder to the unloved?

The world plots and schemes, developing new ways;

To destroy itself.

Until conscience is as common as a typewriter

And selfishness as rare as smartphones

If law is a myth, can there ever be order?

For all have sinned and fall short of His glory

Earth as terra nullus, became Christ’s territory

The only true law we find in an ancient story

The life of Jesus Christ is our moral allegory

So in a world of wickedness, hypocrisy and sin

Where every blockade to happiness just never seems to budge

I don’t have all the answers, but I know where to begin

With God the Executive, Legislature and Judge.