MIRRORED by Queensca Pamela Asare

There she was
Fearful to touch, robust at heart
Face unrecognizable, covered in the signatures of the tattoo ink
Eyes red as a dragon
Due to the blessings of the vape lingering in her right shaky hand
In the middle of the road, at 1:13am, I stood
And watched as she was scooped in a range rover


Next dawn, there she was again
Lying in front of the house, in her own vomit
She flinched as I held her hand
She was a complete self of me
All night services were my party till infinity
So was hers……and…..and
She was just a reflection of me
A reflection I hate to see
A story I never want to tell
A song I never want to sing
That’s why this piece is corto.