MYSTERY by Freeman K. Appiah

They say curiosity killed the cat
Yet without it what will be the catch?
The drive to uncover what has been covered
To see what lies beneath the pot of the coven

What is life without a little mystery?
Even if finding out will lead to misery
As soon as we uncover the mystery
It soon becomes history

I know I am a mystery to you
Like a large piece of virgin land
That holds unknown treasures
Above it and on top of it and underneath it

I know your curiosity is more than that of a cat
Though you have not nine lives
Yet you yearn to know my secrets
I know the lure of my mystery has that effect

Every chase must end
So I will not remain a mystery much longer
I will open my pages to satisfy your hunger
And there will be nothing left about which to wonder

What will happen after I spill my guts to you?
What will happen after you taste of my lips?
And cultivate between my thighs
And see the skeletons in my closet

What will happen after you see my dirty rugs?
And the problems in my family
Will we still have tight hugs?
Or will the taste have run out of this mystery?
And would I just be history?