NEVER SAID I WAS AN ANGEL by Queensca Pamela Asare

How do you see me?

Good, bad or ugly

I have been described in your own words

Cause of what you see, what you think of me

The way I eat

The curves of my body

My lips which speak words woven by the heart and tongue

Has all contributed to an image of me

In your mind

Do you know me?


“Oh, she’ll probably go to heaven”

What you say twenty-four seven

I go to church, yes

I’m a singer in the church, yes

I’ve been baptized, yes

All these helped you guess


The long skirt I wear

Hidden beneath, I swear

You wouldn’t want to hear

The short sexy skirt, the tattoos I bear

The sweet gospel melodies from the depth of my voice

Are intertwined with the dancehall lyrics, my choice

My holy solitude has a company of profane roarers


The Messiah and his Messiah are my screensavers

Lady Gaga and the likes are my wallpapers

What you see on my phone are not what I see

Can you see?

The nakedness of a male and a male

Kissing, touching, smooching

Yes, I like the way you’re thinking


Quit giving me white wings

Painting me as white as snow

You know not the songs I sing

You have no idea what I do on the low

Never said I was a devil

Never said I was an angel