“Oh You Murderers!” by Jonathan Abotiwine Alua

So what? We’re just going to pretend this iterative experience never gets old?

For so many years we’re incessantly told

A tale of a man who deserted his plush and sinless abode

A man who suffered with passion

For everyone they say, everyone on the globe.

His mission did not seem like rocket science but it was more daunting.

People like you and I did not entirely subscribe to his seemingly divine mission.

How dare you form a grimace at the Romans, Pharisees, the Jews and whoever else joined in chanting the chorus: “Crucify Him”?

Do not be ungrateful. You had four days off work.

More importantly, going forward, the season requires of us a level of introspection;

It calls on you and I to examine our lives against our religious values.

Oh! If you’re an atheist, the benchmark will be the reasonable man’s standard  

You can’t take four days of work/school and come back the same!

Your family and friends need and upgrade.

I’m inclined to say that faith requires this progression of us.

But then again not everyone subscribes to the same faith.

The core of my message is this; whoever or whatever you believe in,

 Remember that too much merry rids us of discernment.

The picnics, the hikes, the paragliding and the sleep all form some sort of nexus with our ideal state of life.

There is our current state on one extreme, and our ideal selves on the other.

In-between these two states of life, one has to constantly progress.

These occasional “bail outs” that come our way are supposed to be productive,

The concept of rest is hinged on the motive of replenishing lost energy.

If you come back with any less energy than you went to rest with then you missed the point

Some people say: “If it is not broken, do not fix it”

I agree sparingly. This may apply everywhere else but in human life.

Brethren, we are almost always broken. We need to be constantly fixed

So let us try this again: “If you don’t fix it, it’s broken”

Let us make a list; laziness, negativity, pessimism, hatred, bigotry…

I do not have the energy to list them all.

Our lives may not be perfect right now, maybe never.

But getting better is possible and perfection is an ideal aim.

Easter may be over already,

They nailed Him to a cross, they castigated Him, cast thorns on His head and made a total mockery of Him.

Yet He died to save the very people that condemned him to death.

Do not mind that you may not believe in this,

The message cuts across all persuasions:

A man who was spotless came and ‘worked’ for the salvation of others.

You and I cannot dream of infallibility.

We can however work on ourselves with the least opportunity and get better.

While we patiently wait to conspire to and actually murder Him again next year,

Make sure you are not in the same spot when they nail him to another cross.

Oh you murderers, your crime is far from murder

Our crime is complacency.