OMG, The Main Question I Studied For Didn’t Drop! by Melody Vanderpuye-Orgle (Second Place in the Blog Writing Competition)

I have always loved being tested. And it’s not just because I consider myself a smart girl or enjoy coming out from the exam halls with my palms soiled from ink. I just love to be tested.

It was my final semester in my under-graduate class and I could not wait to write my final paper. School had been fun and that semester had been more exciting than any other. Nothing could go wrong.

As the days for the final examination approached, I did the usual. I punched the subject for the examination and learnt so hard you could tap me in my sleep and I would answer any question. that strategy had never failed me before. Again, nothing could go wrong.

On the morning of the exam, on a Monday, I strolled to the center while explaining basic principles to my friends. The night before, during group studies, we answered one topic which we were certain was going to come. Dr. Gyimah had stressed on it in class and had already given us an assignment on the other major topic. It was a matter of simple elimination. A and B. A was gone therefore B was a no brainer. You get me right?

As they shared the papers, I did what any student writing a major paper would do; I prayed and smiled a smile of faith because God, who had seen me through four years of education, had not failed me yet and he was definitely not going to do it today.

Normally, there was always a main question with five optional questions from which we were to select three, making a total of four questions to be answered. The main question was forty marks while the sub-questions carried twenty marks each. When the question booklet was placed before me, I read the instructions to confirm my conventional examination instructions and double- checked my ID number.

Still smiling, I flipped the paper open and froze. The eliminated question ‘A’ was the main question. The ‘topic stressing’ lecturer did not even bother to set a question on the other topic for me to express my knowledge on what I had learned. I literally froze in the exam hall and played a 10-minute skit titled “Daddy please can I get re-sit money” in my head. My thoughts kept switching from blank to “oh my god!”. I was definitely sinking to cloud zero. It was not until the invigilator shouted “it’s thirty minutes left. No one is to leave the room”, before I got back to reality.

After 2 hours of confusion, I came out to meet my friends looking blank and sad. Nothing ever looked funnier than their expressions. I burst into hysterical laughter and they all joined. It was a bittersweet moment, but we all held on to the fact that it was our final semester in school and nothing could go wrong.