‘Out-of-Body Experience ‘ by Ama Sarkodie

Law is so lucrative not because it’s one of the most difficult concepts of life to appreciate but because law is not static. It’s dynamic. Constant. Like a chronic cold. It never ends. There’s always someone buying a drug, committing suicide, robbing a grocery shop, embezzlement, trafficking. Most,if not all, situations involve the law. Law not just permeates every aspect of human living. It’s perpetual.

This could be attributable to the fact that it’s in human nature to commit offenses. Abet a friend in an offense, unauthorized use of intellectual property, steal, prostitute, whatever be the case.
It’s in human nature to find ourselves in compromising situations at least once in your lifetime.

However my basis for this assumption is purely based on sociological factors. A learned law student would probably use not involve social factors to determine this. Their deduction would completely be based on natural factors according to the strong natural law theorist. Historical factors for Savigny and his disciples, the Realist would definitely find a way to connect it to the judge. At this point, I cannot phantom it’s possibility, but I stand to be corrected, Realists.

The complexity of law or the rigid administrative systems in place, play no role, whatsoever,in determining the lucrativeness of the profession.

they are merely sufficient factors. The necessary and paramount fact is that legal issues come up every day, possibly every minute (I’ll have to research that) across the world. There are definitely not enough lawyers in the world to handle every single legal contention. There’s loads of work and not a lot of lawyers. Meaning more money for everyone I guess. More than enough to pay your bills and live a luxurious life.