Questions At Tutorials by Horace Claud Allan Odoi

In your view of life, are you realist?
Do you believe in the biases and the unseen hand of certain decision makers like fate, like luck?
Do you believe in God?
Or do you naturally glean your guiding principles and stay reasonably sane?
In your pursuit of love in the opposite sex, are you positivist?

Friend, are you revolutionary? Are your actions receiving validity from your beating heart?
Does your history play in how you see today? In how you see the future?
Is there a sense of belief in your sovereignty and that your commands be habitually obeyed?
Do you live a coded philosophy? Are you subscribed to some creed?
Is morality a key index in the echelons of your choices?
Would you rather posit a separation thesis in the ordering of your promising life?
Do you prefer Austin, or the adscititious claims of Hart?
On your path, what have you found as more pretentious?
In your critical view, what have you believed to be the concept of law?