SHALL IT END IN TEARS? by Queensca Pamela Asare

Shall it end in tears?
Of course, it will end it tears
The going out, the coming in
The actions seen and unseen
Hurdles of school, home, work
That almost always make us go berserk
They just can’t be stopped, they will continue coming at us
Sometimes, there’s no need to make a fuss

It will end in tears
The threads of double-minded thoughts
That weave a web of uncertainties
Some of us float in space of depression as astronauts
We feel numb, we do not feel like holo entities
There are opportunities that swim our way
We take some, we leave some, some go, some stay
How we utilize them
Surely ends in tears…

Whatever we do
Wherever we go
The bridges we create
The ones we break

The courses we take, in which ever way
The risks we take
Mostly ….end in tears

One thing we hope for, is that
The tears that we may one day shed
Will be tears of euphoria and victory
And that keeps us going……..