Gender Equality, A Misplaced Punch?

The world has probably gotten it wrong thus far. Far from the social mayhem that our personal philosophical subscriptions have caused, lies the indestructible truth that has so long evaded mankind. The human race has its own way of twisting issues and making a mountain out of a molehill, as the saying goes. Who told us in the first place that man was ahead of woman? Whose idea was it that men belonged to a particular class and women to another? Who instructed us to treat the female gender with contempt? These questions may well form the basis of a thought-provoking inquisitorial journey into the depths of our personal thinking.
The idea that the female gender deserves much more respect and equal treatment relative to men, is by far the most toothless campaign that I’ve come to know. A lot of us grew up in the care and upbringing of women. All the while I grew up, I never once felt the need to treat a woman with any less respect than a man. Then I started reading and familiarizing myself with contemporary philosophy. Only then was I confronted with the idea that someway, somehow, the female gender is under attack and in dire need of equal treatment. The entire campaign is politically incorrect and needs to be looked at critically. Not everyone is religious but let’s situate the discussion in the Biblical context for a while. The creation story is an attempt at explaining the origin of man. The Big Bang theory won’t be too useful in our quest to understand the social dynamics of human existence. It’s not like Science ever does or maybe it does selectively. This is a no-go area for scientific knowledge anyway. Adam came first, and then Eve was created. The Biblical text clearly states that Eve was a complement to Adam. Adam was created in God’s own image we are told, yet God felt the need to create Eve. In simpler terms, Adam was incomplete without Eve. If Adam really had it all, there would be no practical need to create Eve. God did anyway. Think about it, if my iPhone 8 needs another iPhone say iPhone 7 to work, which of these two phones is of the more significance. Forgive me for trying to objectify mankind; it is in an attempt to accentuate a point. Well made. Thanks for the patience.
Let’s try a bit of mathematics, in a census, we count people right? A woman is counted as a single entity, the man is twice that entity? You catch the drift right? The idea makes mockery of our knowledge of Mathematics. Of course, we can’t all be called ‘man’. Well we can but there’s a bit of structural variation between the genders so the distinction is important. The distinction between male and female doesn’t go beyond the nomenclature and physical features though. It really doesn’t. Where did this whole idea emerge then? Our human nature. We make conventions of our own and watch them haunt us. We are okay with events until they sting. We start all the evil in the world and blame the devil. Yeah he deserves a bit of the blame, we all missed the Garden of Eden didn’t we? We call out the fight and attempt the damage control afterwards. The point is this: the idea of gender inequality is our own back garden project that has gone terribly wrong.
Every lady needs to know this, especially our girls: Mathematics (which is a science by the way) doesn’t agree with the idea and history doesn’t favour the nonsense of gender discrimination either. It doesn’t exist. Appreciate that. What we have effectively done is to create the impression that the female gender is some special class that needs the extra push. My disagreement in this regard is sharp and effortless. People treat others with some level of contempt for a variety of reasons. The motivations are different. If I said I didn’t understand why some concessions are given to women in society it would seem like a shot in the foot. But wait a minute. I’ve encountered smart men and women. What’s the whole point of lowering entry points to some university programs for women? Is it a subtle way of saying “well they are not as good”? What’s important is removing the barriers in the way of women attaining their full potential. Give a woman the same footing as her male counterpart and I see nothing but two human beings capable of reaching the stars.
I don’t remember what the inspiration for this was but I’m positive it’s all been tucked in me somewhere. Let’s conclude shall we? Gender equality is our own psychological trap. The broader fight should be equality for all mankind. I think so many people like me are fed up of the female empowerment cliché. We’re probably hitting the right opponent in the wrong place or hitting the wrong opponent altogether. If Biblical history is universally acceptable in this context, then a woman is arguably better than a man. After all even God created Eve to complement Adam. Women are more powerful than we give them credit for, or maybe than some of them even appreciate. We may all agree that we’ve put the world into this problematic situation, what some of us don’t agree to is the mode of attack. Come on guys, let’s punch right. That’s how knockouts happen. Ask Anthony Joshua, he knows.

Alua Jonathan Abotiwine.