1. Are there effective peer counsellors that I may approach with my academic problems where I may not feel comfortable enough to approach a lecturer?

Yes. The LSU has student tutors, a counselling committee and an academic committee whose job it is to address students’ academic problems. The names of the tutors and committee members would be made available.


2. I hear law students have no social life. Especially law students who wish to excel academically. Is this true?

Law students do have a social life on campus. The trick to having both a social life and excelling academically is balance, time management and discipline. So, you can enjoy your social life when you are certain that for instance you’ve done enough reading that a break without set you back academically.


3. I understand from conversations that the study of the law is very difficult. How do I keep up with the competition and intimidation?

The assertion that it is difficult to study the law depends on the individual making this assertion. Several people have first class LLBs. Excellence does not mean being the best, it means doing your best. To keep up with competition, you must compete with yourself. When you focus on yourself instead of others and do your best there is no way you would be intimidated.


4. I have been hearing the LSU this and the LSU that. What exactly is the LSU?

The Law Students Union(LSU) is a body and to a large extent a family that is made up of all law students at the University of Ghana law faculty. Chapter 4 of the LSU constitution (available for free in softcopies) states the objectives of the union. The LSU is made up of LLB students of the UG Law school and any non-law student who goes through the due process of registration. The head of the LSU is the President. The branches of the LSU are the: Executive body, Committees, Senate, Electoral commission, Judicial board.


5. Does the faculty use the same grading system as the University?

Yes. The grading system is coterminous with that of the University.


6. How much is the LSU dues?

This semester the LSU dues is 80.00 . Members may pay in full, or else there is a payment plan where payment is spread over a period of time.


7. Does the LSU have a dress code?

No. Currently students are not required to dress only in black and white like other faculties. Members of the LSU are however encouraged to dress in a respectable manner.


8. What are the library hours? May I borrow a book from the library? How do I find my course materials in the library?

Weekdays from 8am to 10pm
Saturdays from 8am to 2pm
Sundays from 11am to 6pm
We can no longer borrow books from the library because the faculty has no proper mechanism in place to track borrowers and so students were not returning borrowed books.
Each shelf has a course name written on it. The librarians are also available to help us find materials.


9. Is there an online library we can access?

Yes. We have access to Lexis Nexis.


10. How do I go about reading so many cases and briefing them?

Look at the quantum of cases you have to read in a particular week. You may have been directed to read 5 cases in constitutional law, 4 in contract and 5 in legal system. That is 14 cases in all. You may divide the weekdays (5) by these number of cases (14) and read. However, this is just an example. The key is having a timetable and sticking to it.