THE DAY IS GONE by Joy Ashirifie

The day is gone, night is here

I told myself I’ll do it today but then Adjoa sent me a gist I couldn’t afford to miss.

I had to keep track with the series. Daddy called and we spoke for hours.

I said, I’ll do it after my nap, but it turned into a full sleep and I woke up very hungry.

The queue at night market is long but it’s either Daavi Feli’s jollof or nothing.


The day is gone, night is here

Once again here I am; I couldn’t do it today too.

What would be my excuse now? I’m feeling guilty.

The questions in class keep on being directed to me.

The lecturers know my secret: I can see it in their eyes. The students too can tell.


The day is gone, night is here.

Exams is coming with full force. No breaks can stop it.

What am I to do now?

The library and study rooms have welcomed me into their uncomfortable embrace.

My bed is calling, the phone beeping and don’t get me started on the series.

The gists have become so many that I can’t even keep track.


The day is gone, night is here.