The desert before the Nile

When I set my eyes on you I literally held my breath

Not because you are the air I breathe

But your beauty sent waves that felt like a breeze

My heart pounded like it was about to be arrested

Not by cardiac but by your charisma

Now we speak night and day 

Or maybe day to day

For time has lost its meaning to me

Who knew that your mind would be this beautiful?  

With a powerful imagination and layered reasoning 

Seeing the world through such peculiar glasses. 

Your mind feels like a vast desert of treasure  

Yet I feel no thirst or hunger on this dessert 

I want to get lost on your Sahara and never be found

Forever wandering on this wonder 

I cannot forget those detailed curves

That look like the meandering Nile 

Nor can I forget the smile that can calm the storms of the Atlantic

I am eager to ravish them

And be the Columbus in your new America

But for now hold your horses 

And let me savor every moment

Let me delight in your desert a little longer

Soon I will be ready to drink of your Nile

Freeman K Appiah