The Global Child by Maame Akua Koduah

Uttering a long and very loud wail

I announced my presence to all and sundry

Staring at the faces of what looked like giants to me

As they smiled and made crooning sounds at the sight of me

My limbs grew strong with each passing day

And soon I progressed from crawling to walking;

Taking my first step tentatively

And later walking with much ease

Walking soon turned into running with jumping as a compatriot

My hands grabbing anything  and everything I set my eyes on

A tooth developed followed by another and another

Turning my gummy smile into a toothy one

Gibberish turned into ‘Mama’, with ‘Dada’ following closely behind

I am the global child, found in every nook and cranny of the world

I come in all colours forming a special rainbow:

Red, yellow, brown, black and white

Today I may seem small in stature and insignificant

But I too will grow and become somebody in the near future

A religious leader, an engineer, an architect, a business mogul, a lawyer,

I could even end up becoming the President of a nation!

Indeed I may seem small now

But I too will grow!



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