The Invisible Stone by Alua Jonathan Abotiwine


Everyone seems to assume a posture of defense when trouble looms
But tragically, trouble always succeeds in rendering most of us defenseless.
The reality is, our personalities, like a mansion, are made of a number of rooms,
Each functioning separately to contribute to our wellness.
Some of us are more complex in fabric than others,
While for some, a mere shelter holds us captive voluntarily.
One’s susceptibility to stressful collapse is almost always a cause of the building blocks of our lives.
I once met a man, who had been through so much in life he dreaded nothing anymore.
Nothing at all.
That was all in his mind, he was not afraid to fall.
Each painful experience fortifying him in one aspect or another
And after a series of dreadful happenings, he emerged, standing tall.
Nothing in this world will ever be his bother.
I found his philosophy arguably eccentric.
Nonetheless, I revered him greatly, for being eclectic.
For drawing inspiration from countless misfortunes, and putting them to fruitful use, that’s prolific!
Each one of us surely will have a dose of the unwanted potion, misfortune.
Some people probably have already.
Regardless of who caused what, (as if that ever matters), our approach to trials should always be positive.
The complains, the blame game, the unwarranted bitterness and the like
In no time snowball into an albatross around our very own necks.
And drag us down the sea of life, drowning us in lamentation and self-vilification.
God is up there somewhere that much I know.
So instead of stressing yourself over who caused your misfortune, or what went wrong,
Why not take a more divergent approach?
Move on, draw inspiration from setbacks and tragedies.
After all, we will all go in due course…
When? I’m afraid that has always been a classified secret.
Today I sat on my desk and almost in reflex these words were scribbled.
We are all culprits, but instead of staying in captivity to pettiness,
Let’s break the shackles, blame no one, smile through the pain and draw inspiration from all misfortunes
Sometimes we waste all the time asking who threw the stone.
For all you know, no one did at all.


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