The One Social Pastime I Allow Myself (As a Law Student) by Divine Selase Agborli (Third Place in the Blog Writing Competition)

Hello Sikahene,

So this letter is a reply to your question regarding the one social pastime I allow myself. It’s your seventh week in law school and you may have noticed that law students really don’t have a life. It’s as if their lives revolve around the library and even for those who live in self-denial and think that they aren’t library rats, there really is no difference between them and the library rats. Anyways, I’m not here to further entrench that narrative. I’ll only speak to my situation.

I remember my student mentor telling me in my first few weeks of law school not to toe the line of the conventional law student. He told me to build capacity beyond the law and get involved in other things that held my interest. So I set out to do just that.

It’s a Friday evening and I just closed from my criminal law class. On a normal day I would have lingered on to socialise. However, tonight was different. I had to catch the bus to the Goethe-Institute for “Pa Gya’19”, a literary festival. I have always been fascinated by the creative arts and that’s the reason why despite my busy schedule I still make time for these events. Take last Friday for instance; I missed a class so I could be at the launch and reading of “Kenkey for Ewes”. My love for the creative arts extends to staged plays. It is this love that led me to purpose in my heart not to miss any of Ebo Whyte’s play. I remember one particular semester where I spent almost all of my weekends at the National Theatre. I remember the telling of “Everyone has a secret” till they are “caught in the act” and then we get to see the “Trials of the Ghanaian”. And my top two favourites at the time were “Don’t mess with a woman” and “Different Shades of women”.

Okay, enough with the lies. Let’s take the true account of events.

It’s a Friday evening and I just closed from my criminal law class. Without wasting time, I move to the library to continue reading from where I left off. Thirty minutes into my reading and I pause to imagine what is currently happening at the Goethe-Institute. Maybe Bisi Adjapon just finished reading her novel “Of women and of frogs”. Maybe Awere Damoah was addressing the budding writers. I should have just ignored everything and gone for the programme. But then wait, these land law books will not read themselves, will they? Same thing happened last week when I spent about an hour of my study time wondering how the “I want your wife” play was going.

In the grand scheme of things, my one social pastime should be the creative arts; however, my pastime under the law appears to be “dreaming about the creative arts events I missed”.