The One Social Pastime I Allow Myself by Sedinam Botwe (Overall Winner of Blog Writing Competition)

Life as a law student is hard. Which is why I’m at Serallio right now sipping my Kpoo Keke and contemplating passing by Bloombar when things die down here at Serallio.

Occasionally, I break into a fierce zanku when a song I like comes on. I expect to get drunk before I leave for Bloombar, so that I can properly block out all the thoughts and emotions that try to sneak into my headspace when I’m sober. Sober means stress, and nobody is trying to be stressed on a Friday night.

I doubt my mother would be proud if she could see me right now. My level 100 self would certainly not be proud if she still existed.

I know it’s hard to believe but I haven’t always been the outgoing social butterfly who goes out every Friday and comes back shit-faced drunk after a wild night out. I used to be such a nerd. I was always learning and when I was tired, I would either sleep or make something to eat. If it wasn’t related to the law or necessary to my education as a law student, I wouldn’t read it.

Until I went out with some friends for the first time to the Honeysuckle, I had no idea that I was an amazing dancer with the help of the bottle. I had no idea that I could easily make friends with total strangers. Alcohol opens doors, which is why I wholeheartedly agree with Frank Sinatra when he said, “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.”

I love to drink and party all night. It provides a pleasant distraction from the mentally and emotionally draining thoughts that come with being a law student. From Monday through to Friday I’m either in class, in the library or in my bed, sleeping. Even on Saturdays and Sundays, when I should be resting, I find myself lost in my preparations for my upcoming entrance exams into the Ghana School of Law. It’s only natural that I find something that distracts me from all the pressure that surrounds me daily.

So at the expense of my liver and my mother’s disapproving image in my head, I drink and party every Friday. This is the one social pastime I allow myself as a law student.

It’s about time I requested my Uber, so that when I stand outside Serallio waiting, I don’t look like a prostitute soliciting for my next customer.