The Real Face of the Three-Faced God – Religion, Science and Law (PART II) by Ama Boakyewaa Adjei

And the third was gifted to the Black Robes, who above all else desire power – Law

What’s the law? A course in jurisprudence answers this, and tells intriguing tales of how the law operates to create functional societies. According to Salmon, if ‘science’ includes the systematized knowledge of any subject of legal inquiry, jurisprudence may be defined as the science of civil law. Lloyd has also defined jurisprudence as involving the study of general theoretical questions about the nature of laws and legal systems, about the relationship of law to justice and morality, and about the social nature of law.  When stripped of the intellectual brouhaha. Jurisprudence is a collection of observed societal trends, consolidated into a whole to form a structured hub of knowledge for future generations to refer to and also to build upon. And when stripped yet again for dummies, it is a bunch of stories that help us structure our society so we can all live together. Stories.

One face to rule them all – FICTION

Stories. Fiction. The creativity of ingenious minds is what our reality is founded on. Religion science and law are concretizations of abstracts. We must convince ourselves that experience is reality, that deductive inferences are valid, and that we prefer simple explanations to complex ones.  At the most fundamental stages, logic fails, and all we have is faith. Denying these principles would make the pursuit of knowledge impossible and the world would stop dead in its development.

The world is not made of atoms; it is made of stories.

Terrorism is on the rampage because people subscribe to a form of political, or religious, or scientific agenda which when coupled with crass psychopathic creativity, unleashes forms of hell on earth. History is rife with religious wars and acts of religious terrorism. From the Muslim conquests, through the crusades of Catholicism, the Buddhist uprising, the second wars of Kappel, the Lebanese civil war and the French wars of religion…to the rise of terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab, the god-factor has instigated some of the most ungodly proclivities of men. Throughout history, genocides and civil wars have been justified on the platform of jurisprudence. Revolutions have been validated by courts in cases like The State v Dosso in Pakistan as well as Uganda v Commissioner of Police and Ex Parte Matovu. In the years before 1933, Adolf Hitler took the law and turned it against the people in his attempt to exterminate the Jews. The rest of the world lounged in our own safe states, rocking in seats of jurisprudential nonchalance, until the global threat of his power was too real to ignore. The internet is now rife with conspiracies of drugs infused with sterility-inducing compounds; of LGBT political agenda in our entertainment; and of governments exploiting chemical and biological weaponry to mitigate the over-population of the world.

Am I asking us to undo this gyrating, double helix of interwoven threads of knowledge just because we have failed in some ways to effectuate its use? No, and for good reason splattered all through this article.  But it is indeed, troubling to see inter and intra ideological differences tear down our communities instead of shape them.  So my humble appeal to us all, is that, before we make an argument, before we’re tempted to cling so tenaciously to any ideology to the detriment of peaceful co-existence, it may well be wise, to reflect on the fact that, everything eventually comes to bear of one central theme – FICTION – and the stories are to help us live not perish; that life is a tent and stories are the sheets that shield from the sun and warm from the cold.