“The Seemingly Demented Woman on the Atomic Highway” by Abena A. Asomaning.

She lay forlornly still on the hot cement; her limbs in awkward angles. A loin cloth draped carelessly about her waist, exposing dirty black legs that had seen too much sun and too few baths. Her hair was an unkempt mess, yellowed from several weeks of neglect.

How did she end up like this?

Was this the corollary of some wrong choice made in the past?

Where was her family?

Perhaps she was the helpless victim of some harsh circumstance.

She had pondered the same questions; how she had become this woman, what she could have done wrong, why fate had treated her ill, until she had been driven mad by them. The unending questions running hay-wire in her fragile mind. Ten years back, she had never thought she’d be the woman lying dejected on the cement demarcation in the middle of a highway; hungry, lost, lonely…beyond salvation.

She was too still.

Was she breathing?

Alive and just resting?

Passed on….?

No one stopped to check… no one cared.