The selfless pair by Joseph Anim

A selfless leader is the greatest treasure a people can ever have.

All other qualities such as the leader’s dedication to the good cause of the people, the leader working tirelessly to ensure the progress, contentment and happiness of the people, the leader’s ability to listen keenly to his people and above all, the  leader’s passion to put first the welfare and wellbeing of his people stems from this magnificent and beautiful quality the whole world refers to as selflessness.

For if a leader is selfless, he cares not for his self but for the needs of his people and does everything within his means to secure the betterment of his people.

It is a selfless leader who sacrifices all he has, to put smiles of joy on the faces of his people.

And finally, it is a selfless leader who takes immense pleasure and pride in the prosperity and happiness of his people.

For a selfless leader never asks of anything in return for his service to the people but he gives his all and goes beyond his strength for his people’s success.

Fortunately, this law school has been blessed with not just one of such individuals but two of them who are undisputedly the exact epitome of selflessness; and these two tremendous gentlemen are ready to pool their selflessness to make a paradise of the LSU.

I remember our days in secondary school when Frederick as the assistant boys’ prefect will go round every morning waking people up from bed to get ready for school even though he was not obliged to do so. I remember asking him the reason why he did this and this was what he had to say;

“I hate it when I see my fellow students punished for lateness”. This struck a chord in me for it is only a leader who is selfless in the true sense of the word that will go to great lengths like this to prevent the suffering of his people even at his own peril i.e. lack of enough sleep.

This remarkably selfless guy despite his busy schedules devotes his time unconditionally to ensure that Nkrumah and my lives in the law school are smooth enough without hitches as you all know. And here is the catch, before law school, Frederick and I had our differences; yet this amazing gentleman set aside our differences and made it his point and business to ensure our comfort to the point of his detriment. Frederick’s selflessness knows no boundaries.

Nkrumah the mentor, this mentor almost always meets his mentees every evening, sometimes late into the night to help them with all their academic issues and still shows up for group meetings to share with us his bountiful knowledge in the morning. He does this even during revision and examination weeks. His mentorship services are not only limited to his mentees; his arms are always opened wide to accommodate anyone who requires his assistance. Also, aside his busy schedule, he always makes it a point to go for SRC  General Assembly meetings often, staying all night at these meetings to ensure that his constituents are duly and adequately represented. I sometimes wonder how he is able to combine all these and still be able to learn knowing the nature of the law. Then again, I tell myself, it is only a true selfless leader who will sacrifice his wellbeing for the wellbeing of his people.

From the above, there cannot be an iota of doubt in our minds to describe Frederick and Daniel otherwise but selfless. I can go on and on about their deeds of selflessness but I am constrained by pen and paper.

It is this pair of selfless leaders that I, Joseph Anim a level three hundred student vouch for and rally behind and I urge you all to do same.

Vote for Frederick Koblah Dortso and Daniel Kofi Kyere Nkrumah “the blessed transformer” [the selfless pair] into office as president and vice president of our august union; and their selflessness will skyrocket the LSU right up to the apex of the mountain of success.






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