Those Words by Queensca Pamela Asare

They’re everywhere
Written in different font styles
Shaping and molding our lifestyles
Into objects we like and dislike
They’ve been given recognition, to entice us to read them
You just cannot evade them
Those words

The bridges we had with some of our friends
Are slowly breaking, burning into ashes
Those words
No two ways, that some build us
Make us
Heal us
But they’re somehow destroying us

Some address them as motivational quotes, billionaire quotes, nobody cares and the like
Ryan stopped calling John
Because John had stopped calling for a while
‘Stop checking up on them, if they don’t check up on you’ a quote read
Ryan followed this quote
Unknown to him, John had died and it’s been two weeks now
‘If they cared, they’d call’
Best friends have become strangers
One not knowing, the other had been dealing with depression all along.

Those words
are sometimes penknives in the heart
Shredding it into pieces
That can never be put together
Those words
Are making people care less
Destroying relations

‘Don’t bother them, they’re busy with much more important things’
Those words
Unknown to the person who believes this
The friend is battling with cancer
Unknown to the person
The friend has been kidnapped

It’s undisputed, that not hearing from someone for a while
Sometimes either means you have been forgotten or not loved anymore
But such thoughts, murder our love and care
‘Hi, hope you’re fine, take care’
This simple sentence, can be someone’s anchor
You have no idea

So those words
Think critically before using them
Those words………….